Hi, I am Sheila.
I wake up spaces.

I’m Sheila Kernan, a world-class artist, mother, wife and entrepreneur dedicated to enriching lives and promoting culture through the arts. With over 15 years of actively creating full time in my studio, I know a thing or two about art.

My approach is rooted in the desire to translate experiences and emotions into relatable works of art. I am endlessly proud of my passion for continually learning and growing. I do not like to stand still as there are infinite  possibilities, textures, colours, and new materials to explore. I obsess over all the details because I feel most alive when I get it right. My vision, that is!

Life is fascinating and endlessly inspiring, which is why my camera and sketchbook are never far. I am eager to document and highlight the seemingly simple things that often play the most significant role in my work. Like the feeling of soft sand squishing between my toes as I listen to waves crashing onto the shoreline. We all share similar experiences, and I hope my work will be a  reminder of yours.

I’m so glad you are along for the ride.

"My goal is simple, to translate moments and memories into works of art."



Watch the magic happen as Calgary-based Canadian artist Sheila Kernan chats about being a creative entrepreneur. Joyfully exploring and developing her recognizable signature aesthetic Sheila loves to create.