"Because every space needs a Sheila Kernan in their life."

Contact me to learn more about my unique approach to the commission experience and inquire about my availability.


Let me help if you are having trouble finding the perfect piece for your space or can’t decide what to do with your white walls. Or, you want to highlight a special occasion in your life. Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, I can make you a beautiful piece of art. I’m determined to help you unlock the possibilities with my unique approach to the commission experience. Contact me for a personal consultation and inquire about my availability.


Art in public spaces can directly influence how people see and connect with a place. It sparks conversations and critical thought, and it awakens forgotten spaces. Artwork helps express a community’s values, highlighting what is unique about the places where people live, work, and play. Above all, public art increases environmental enjoyment and productivity.

My approach is rooted in the desire to find creative solutions alongside building owners, property managers, architects, and corporate designers – within your unique budgets.

Interested in learning more? Let’s make it happen. Reach out for a personal consultation and inquire about my availability.


Painting brings people together. From a fun friends’ night out, a date night, or a team-building activity, I have developed a unique 3-hour class for all skill levels. While most people don’t start out creating a masterpiece, and that’s alright! It is fun to try something new and learn a new technique – or two! Please note space is extremely limited, so please inquire about my availability and class wait lists.


Are you an aspiring artist seeking expert guidance? My paid artists mentorship program offers practical advice and a personalized approach tailored to your unique goals and style. I bring years of real-world experience and deep industry knowledge to our mentorship relationship, having worked in galleries and sold art across various mediums. Spaces are limited, so reach out now to unlock your artistic potential.